GR0 Specializes in SEO for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis is one of the most competitive industries on Google search because you can't buy advertisements on Google or Facebook for regulated industries, including cannabis. But don’t worry, because GR0 specializes in creating and executing SEO campaigns specific to the cannabis industry! Our approach has helped dozens of brands win Google organic search campaigns.

Our Four-Pillar Approach for

GR0 Specializes in SEO for Cannabis Brands

01. Strategy

During the vital strategy-building phase of the process, we’ll handcraft a six-month content and keyword calendar by identifying all of the branded and non-branded keywords that your cannabis brand should rank for. Some may be obvious — like targeting “CBD vapes” — but we go much deeper than that by digging up all of the questions people are Googling about the products or services you sell. For example, targeting and ranking #1 for the phrase “does CBD help anxiety” could generate more than 7,000 clicks to your website monthly!

02. On Page Optimization

Once we have our expertly curated master keyword list, we'll analyze your website looking for opportunities to optimize it. Our on page SEO services ensure well-targeted organic traffic makes it to your site by suggesting and implementing tweaks to things like your sitemap, meta tags, titles, headers, and URL structure to make it as Google-friendly as possible.

03. Content Writing

Now that your brand’s site is in top shape, it’s time to target your remaining keywords with new, high-quality cannabis blog content. We’ll match you with long-form content writers who know everything there is to know about cannabinoids, stress relief, the entourage effect, and everything in between. So the next time someone Googles “Are CBD gummies better than CBD oils?” your article about CBD intake will be the first thing they see.

04. Performance PR

Finally, we use our partnerships with more than 5,000 reporters across some of the most reputable cannabis outlets in the country to get you and your brand featured and increase your domain authority. These features result in links back to your homepage from some of the most trusted sites on the internet, which means Google will trust your site more and rank it higher on the search results page.

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