Zach Sass, Senior Campaign Manager, SEO

5+ Years in Digital Marketing With a Focus on local SEO, eCommerce, and digital platforms including telehealth and crypto gaming

Areas of Expertise

Content Marketing
Backlink Strategy

Qualifications and Experience

Advanced Google Analytics Certification

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

SEMrush Keyword Research Certification

Bachelor of Science in Management, concentration in Entrepreneurship; minor in Economics

As a Senior SEO Campaign Manager at GR0, my role is to elevate brands to the top of Google's rankings using effective marketing and SEO tactics. My expertise spans across various domains, including local SEO, ecommerce SEO, and B2B SEO, allowing me to offer a comprehensive skill set to enhance clients' digital footprints.

My clientele spans across sectors like health and wellness, fashion, digital media, and the evolving fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

How I Got Here: While attending the University of Massachusetts, I received my Bachelor's in management with a focus in entrepreneurship; minor in economics. With no internships piquing my interest (nor my wallet's), I worked construction year-round and had a seasonal job with Ocean Spray in the fall.

With the last few semesters quickly approaching and having no interest in swinging hammers for the rest of my life, I figured it was high-time to gain some real-world experience in my incredibly generic field of management and pave a path into corporate America.

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