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How GR0 Leveraged SEO for USA Rx

USA Rx is committed to bringing affordable prescriptions to all. With a vision that involves transparency and advocacy, USA Rx promotes a healthier America by breaking down barriers to medication.


Content (30k wpm)


Guest blogs

Our results over 12 months:


Increase in Ranked Keywords


Increase in Unique Monthly Visitors


Increase in Referring Domains


Our Challenge

• USA RX had much bigger potential to rank for organic keywords. We wanted to see their rankings increase exponentially by the end of the campaign.

• Our analysts saw that the brand could benefit from a boost in non-branded traffic as well.

• USA RX wanted to increase their overall traffic and traffic value by the end of the campaign.

Our Results

By the end of our campaign, USA RX saw a staggering 183% increase in ranking keywords. Meanwhile, the site’s unique monthly visitors skyrocketed, increasing by over 25%. These increases were achieved through a combination of 30,000 words per month of high-quality content, fine-tuning the USA RX site for SEO best practices, and guest blogging.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"A+ team, A+ responsiveness, A+ willingness to teach you... If you are committed to building up your organic audience (yes, there is a time investment and money investment involved - there is no "magic" SEO switch), look no further than GR0. We've increased our organic traffic by 17x in 6 months. These are real results."

Chris Riley, Founder & CEO

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