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How GR0 Leveraged

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Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller, the Founder and CEO of GR0, a digital marketing agency, knew that creating and posting viral-worthy content and engaging with others regularly on the professional platform would take up more time than he had to dedicate to it. LinkedIn Writing Services was his solution, and the results were greater than he ever expected.

Our Strategy:

Profile Optimization 

LinkedIn Stories

Our results over 12 months:


Increase in Views


Increase in Followers


Increase in Shares


Our Challenge

To increase exposure to the right people and work with LinkedIn's algorithm, Kevin's profile needed: Consistent and high-quality story postings that resonated with his followers - Content that sparked engagement - Daily engagement with others on LinkedIn through likes and comments - Quick and thoughtful replies to comments on posts

Our Results

Kevin Miller started with the LinkedIn Writing Service with 13,747 followers. After consistent story posting and engagement efforts, his followers increased to 43,843. His stories have been viewed 40,231,900 times and shared 8,488 times, giving him even more exposure. His profile currently averages almost 8,000 views per month


What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was blown away by the reach of my LinkedIn posts and the engagement that I received by sharing my stories. It really expanded my network in a way I never thought imaginable. It took 12 months of two stories per week for me to achieve the results I did, but if you are consistent and diligent with your writing, you will achieve similar results. These posts brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business to GR0 and I am really happy with the outcome.”

Kevin Miller, Co-Founder & CEO

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