Case Study: Pumpkin

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About The Company

Insurance is an easy thing to take for granted, until you need it. When that moment comes, you’ll want to protect the things and people you love—your pets included. Pumpkin is here to help you find an insurance plan for your furry friend.

Young or old, big or small, Pumpkin knows your pet deserves affordable coverage tailored to your needs. They work hard to treat your pet and implement preventative care, keeping you out of the vet and away from fees whenever possible.

Problem We Solved

Pumpkin came to GR0 in April 2020 with a new business and a lot of questions. What was the best way to market themselves? How should they set up their site? How should they optimize site speed and searchability? Our teams met with Pumpkin's owners and discussed how to answer these questions and more.

Our Strategy

GR0 found the best way to meet Pumpkin's needs was a top-of-funnel content strategy. Our writers created 150 articles linked to the Pumpkin website to help them rank in as many pet-related searches as possible. These links would help Pumpkin fill the top of their funnel and guarantee an increase in site traffic from pet owners.


Before working with GR0, Pumpkin was worth $1,500 a month with an average of 600 monthly website visitors. As of August 2021, Pumpkin is worth over $750,000 each month, with unique monthly site traffic increasing to nearly 900,000 visitors. We even helped Pumpkin rank on the first page of Google for 79,000 different keywords.

Client Experience

It’s important to note that 844,000 of Pumpkin's monthly visitors are non-branded traffic—users who found Pumpkin thanks to SEO optimization. This statistic indicates that the overwhelming majority of Pumpkin's recent site traffic has come through the links and keyword placement GR0 facilitated in our top-of-funnel strategy. Being linked in tens of thousands of pet-related search queries ensures that Pumpkin will continue to benefit from these organic marketing methods for years to come.