Case Study: MyOllie

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About The Company

MyOllie was founded by dog lovers to support canine nutrition and provide dogs with healthy lifestyle options. MyOllie is a comprehensive way to find dog food that meets each canine customer’s needs. MyOllie works with pet owners to determine the best food for their dogs based on factors like age, breed, and weight.

MyOllie’s founders created their business after growing tired of the unpronounceable ingredients found in traditional dog foods. They believe it shouldn’t be hard to keep your pet happy and healthy, so they created a brand designed to do precisely that.

The Problem We Solved

MyOllie hired GR0 to increase the top of funnel traffic to their site and brand. They required additional outreach to increase non-branded consumer discovery.

Our Strategy

GR0 chose to create an official blog for MyOllie. This blog helped MyOllie amass a substantial collection of SEO-formatted content. In time, the blog extended their marketing range to bring in the top-of-funnel traffic they needed.


Initially, MyOllie was worth about $40,000 a month, with unique monthly traffic sitting at about 12,000. It wasn’t long before the company blog began drawing in a substantial influx of customers. Two years later, MyOllie’s thriving blog created a monthly value of $500,000. They rapidly grew to over 300,000 non-branded visitors a month. After hiring GR0, MyOllie was connected to thousands of related search terms, further establishing them as a highly discoverable brand.

Client Experience

MyOllie’s top-of-funnel traffic now predominantly comes from non-branded queries, ensuring that pet lovers can find their brand. They rank number two when Googling “small, hypoallergenic dogs,” a keyword that has generated nearly 100,000 monthly queries alone.

Unlike other campaigns, MyOllie’s campaign did not intend to generate more first click attribution sales. Instead, it aimed to bring an increased number of non-branded customers into their funnel. Once inside, the customer could be re-targeted for ads through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This method created a lasting positive impact on the MyOllie brand that will continue for years to come.