Case Study: MuteSix

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About The Company

MuteSix is an advertising company that grows brands and increases marketability for businesses of all sizes. They hold their dedicated workforce of skilled employees to the highest professional and personal integrity standards. MuteSix wants to help your brand expand and continue expanding using their comprehensive cross-channel strategies. MuteSix believes that a win for you is a win for them, and they want to see your brand develop through their expert assistance.

The Problem We Solved

MuteSix came to GR0 requesting leads that could help people searching for Facebook advertising agencies find their brand. The diverse range of marketing services offered by MuteSix allowed us to optimize their search-ability through keywords and backlinks. Spreading the word about MuteSix through GR0’s resources and media connections has been a continuous effort during our time working together.

Our Strategy

We created pillar pages for MuteSix’s various services as a Google advertising agency, Facebook advertising agency, TikTok advertising agency, and Pinterest advertising agency, alongside additional client services. We wrote pillar articles explaining these services, each with lead forms at the top and in the middle of the page. This placement ensured traffic would continually link back to the client’s site.


Thanks to GR0, MuteSix was featured in 300 news articles over two years. This increase in exposure helped MuteSix become the third Google search result for “Facebook ad agency.” When GR0 began working with MuteSix in 2019, their site’s organic value was only $3,000 per month. Today, their website is worth $50,000 per month, and they receive 30,000 unique monthly customers. This influx has produced over 300 monthly qualified leads for MuteSix.

Client Experience

Thanks to GR0’s organic search optimization, MuteSix no longer has to spend their budget generating leads. Now, MuteSix can redistribute these funds to other vital corporate functions. Conversion rate optimization on their website yielded additional positive results. When GR0 first started working with MuteSix, every 100 customers would generate about 10 leads. After our optimizations, that number has doubled, with 20 percent of customers completing MuteSix’s online forms.