Case Study: Jaxxon

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About The Company

Jaxxon creates high-quality gold and silver accessories for men who want to liven up their style. Working with the best Italian craftsmen, Jaxxon offers many striking chains to fill a gap in the men’s jewelry market. Jaxxon emphasizes practical style and durability, producing pieces that are sturdy and elegant. Each chain comes with a lifetime warranty, offering free repairs for any damaged products. Jaxxon always puts their customer first and readily accepts returns for a refund or Jaxxon store credit.

The Problem We Solved

Jaxxon’s owners came to GR0 looking to expand their business naturally. They had successfully marketed themselves through paid Google and social media advertisements but wanted to add revenue streams through organic search.

Our Strategy

GR0 implemented an aggressive backlink-building strategy to expand Jaxxon’s advertising reach. GR0 attached links to Jaxxon’s primary product pages in news sources across the internet. These sources include Us Weekly, Men’s Journal, and USA Today, just a few publications GR0 works with regularly.


Before working with GR0, Jaxxon had around 13,000 unique monthly site visitors. That traffic would cost nearly $10,500 using paid ads. After approximately one year, GR0 increased Jaxxon’s company value to $755,000 a month, with 155,000 unique monthly visitors. 108,000 of that traffic was composed of customers who had not searched for Jaxxon directly. Additionally, Jaxxon became the number four result for the search term “chain” in Google. This result links directly to their product page, where customers can shop for their perfect chain.

Client Experience

Using our wide range of contacts, GR0 exponentially improved Jaxxon’s searchability, netting tens of thousands of additional unique customers to Jaxxon’s site. In a short time, Jaxxon experienced a drastic increase in their company value by working hands-on with our experts. Together with GR0, Jaxxon has secured a lasting spot at the forefront of their market.