Case Study: Genexa

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About The Company

Genexa markets itself as a clean medicine company, offering a healthy alternative to many name-brand products. Genexa was founded by two dads who were concerned about the ingredients in their children’s medicine and the lack of healthier alternatives available. They wanted to provide medicine that was as effective as its name-brand counterparts using allergen-free, non-GMO ingredients. Their physician-formulated products are marketed to both children and adults, who continue to enjoy them for their great taste and natural ingredients.

The Problem We Solved

From the beginning, Genexa understood that directly competing with behemoth brands like Advil and Tylenol would be no easy feat. They needed to think outside of the box for their company to launch successfully. To come out from under their established competitors’ shadows, Genexa decided to insert themselves at the forefront of Google searches related to their products.

Our Strategy

GR0 had to find a creative way to tackle such a monumental task. In the end, we implemented a programmatic SEO strategy. We built tens of thousands of pages on Genexa’s website comparing their products with Tylenol and other similar brands. GR0 helped those articles reach the front page of Google. Whenever a user searched for Genexa-related topics like “Tylenol for children,” they would discover information about Genexa’s products instead. This allowed Genexa to convert competitors’ traffic into their own.  


When Genexa began working with GR0, they were receiving around 10,000 unique customers per month at a monthly cost of about $22,000. After hiring GR0 and using our programmatic SEO plan, Genexa is now receiving over 10x more site visitors, with 140,000 unique customers monthly. Buying this same traffic through traditional, non-organic advertising would have cost them upwards of $220,000.

Client Experience

After working with GR0 for just over a year, Genexa expanded their site traffic and brand value drastically. Implementing programmatic SEO allowed Genexa to use their established competitors to their advantage, slingshotting their brand to the top of numerous search queries. Through GR0’s team of experts and content writers, Genexa found a lasting solution to their problem that has changed the brand forever.